The Calabash

The Calabash

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44” x 16”

Born from all Kaua’i wood, each piece from different areas of the north shore. The rails are made from Moloa’a Rudrashka or marble wood, (fairly rare find!) 

The center piece is made from Kalihiwai Albizia- a tree brought here from Africa and then took over and is considered highly invasive, gets a second chance.

And the Koa stringers, a native tree found on all islands and this one comes from the Ko’olau Moku.

Drawing inspiration from the inventors of surfing, the Polynesians, design and shape wooden surfboards to honor those who have shaped and rode before us here in Hawai'i. 

All Lloyd Boards are custom designed and shaped, no two will ever be the same. Each piece is designed and made with intention and love. If Hawai'i holds a special place in your heart, like it does in ours, this is the perfect way to bring that feeling into your home.