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Mist comes in a 4oz. aluminum spray bottle with mister and can be resourced as a body/face/linen/room or auric spray

Wild Maile Vine Maile Vine is one of the most cherished foliages of the Hawaiian people.  Prized for its sweet scent, it is customary to offer them as leis in times of celebration. 

Our delightful Vanilla of Tonga and Hawaiian Ginger blend in its best possible quality. Experience this amazing fusion of two Polynesian culture cousins! The Polynesian islands of the Tongan Kingdom are one of the largest producers of Vanilla, which is actually an orchid plant.  Ginger, known in Hawai’i as Awapuhi, is one of the most common flora in the islands!

Pure Le(MU)ria: Laua’e Fern of Kaua’i and Wild Pala’ā Oil. You are invited to take a quest into the holy dimension of Mu continent! Experience the sacred wind and nourishing wilderness of Hā’ena, Kaua’i with our use of the true endemic Laua’e Fern species, and invigorate your senses with the creative, thought provoking power of Maui’s Pala’ā Fern.  Lovely Laua’e is the personification of Divine Beauty, and Pala’ā carries the energy of Divine Conception.  Commit to conceiving beauty! 

Koki'o Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Early Hawaiians prized the Koki’o ‘Ula as a powerful blood purifier and astringent. Also noted for its high amount of anti-oxidants, Koki’o also contains polyphenols which has been linked to the prevention and treatment of cancers. 

Wild Fern is a blend of 49 different endemic and indigenous Hawaiian ferns, all of whom correlate to varying human emotions, traits, and virtues which we call "The Principles of Aloha." Experience a scent reminiscent of walking through a pristine forest.