24kt Hand  Dipped Opihi Necklace

24kt Hand Dipped Opihi Necklace

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Often called the “fish of death”— the Hawaiian Opihi is a shell with one of the longest histories of being collected. Ancient Hawaiians were known to harvest this shell for a delicacy to eat, fertilizer, using it later for tools and jewelry. This limpet is known to adhere to rocks along the most turbulent coastal edges, making it oftentimes dangerous for Opihi collectors to find live Opihi to eat. The Opihi we use in our jewelry is sourced from shells that have washed ashore— we never take live shells for our jewelry.

This collection features some of our natural opihi.We never take live specimens! Flotsam & Co. is the ORIGINAL CREATOR of these 24kt gold electroformed shells. We dive to find these incredible shells. Each shell is natural in color— no paint or color was applied to these shells.

  • Comes complete with your choice length of chain (16-20”)

  • 24kt Gold Dipped Shell, with 14kt Gold Fill Chain