Hawai'i Grown Tea

Hawai'i Grown Tea

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Our rare, limited harvest tea is grown, hand plucked, and processed on a small farm at 4,000ft elevation on the slopes of Kīlauea Volcano, Big Island, Hawai’i. Beyond organic, and watered only by the rain, the bushes benefit from heavy mist, cloud cover, and the natural shade of native Ohi’a Lehua trees and large curly ferns. Situated above two active lava tubes, the garden’s fertile volcanic soil yields a smooth, sweet brew that is low in tannins.

Each 100% plant-based bag is hand-filled, hand-tied and hand-sealed in certified biodegradable and compostable, non-toxic bags.

Includes 5 individually sealed biodegradable tea bags

Each bag can be re-brewed 4 (or more) times to make a total of 20 cups

Handcrafted in small batches.

Black Tea Tasting Profile: The full-bodied flavors of robust fruit and molasses complement bold malty signature Assam with sweet notes of fresh sugar cane. High caffeine.

Oolong Tea Tasting Profile: Vivid and lively notes of spice, citrus and honey are the result of hand-picked leaves that are massaged 12 times by hand in 30-minute increments. Medium to high caffeine.

Green Tea Tasting Profile: This refreshing tea is silky and smooth to the taste. Medium caffeine.

White Tea Tasting Profile: The delicate hand-picked silver buds of this tea deliver a sweet floral liquor with a soft, nutty flavor. Low caffeine.